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Majestic Management was originally founded in 2004 as a Modeling Agency and has since expanded into Casting as well.

Team Profile

The Majestic Management share a Mutual Interest of been the Most Prestigious Agency in Town. The quality we value the most is Respect and our Pride in the business. We at a stage where we have overcome the notion of being in line with competitors and following the market trends as we are perfectly poised to “ push the envelope” and not only be at the forefront of trends but to become the trends.


Majestic Management represents female models, male models, child models, baby models, petite and plus size models of all ages in South Africa. Majestic Management Modeling Agency create a seamless and effortless environment where clientele' meets talent . We also undertake, casting agency functions all across the Country.

Models under Majestic Management comprise a diverse group of Professional and Commercial Models. Majestic Management models have achieved great success over the years and have featured alongside countless Industry and Corporate Brands. Hence we are one of the fastest growing modeling agencies in South Africa.

In essence Majestic Management is the Model Agency for Aspirant & Established Models needing Maximum Exposure and Full-on Marketing to bring you Face-To-Face with Career Endeavours. Submit your application & photos to Majestic Management today AND Become a Model!

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